Tilda Publishing
Irina Sokolova
Photographer - light artist, collaagist
Tilda Publishing
Photographer - light artist, collagist
Irina Sokolova
Фотограф - светохудожник, коллажист
It's too fast
The project is a collage of 64 pictures taken in motion, designed to direct modern person's thoughts to the fact that life has turned into a rush, and the impressions of life are nothing but flashes of light without clear outlines and shapes.
What has happened now and why do we see the world around us only as a blurred background for ourselves?
In photographer Irina Sokolova's project, landscape photography is presented in the form of frames blurred at high speed. One can guess what is depicted on them only by the tone and individual details that the eye catches out of the stream of images.
Traditionally, a person seeks connections with nature for the sake of inner slowing down and finding harmony within oneself. However, for a modern person, the search for inner peace turns into a ragged set of impressions, hastily collected, like a patchwork quilt.
This eternal haste and global dissatisfaction is reflected by the chaotic arrangement of contrast tone shots. Speed masks anxiety and constant internal tension. A blurry and chaotically assembled tape of impressions serves a modern person in two ways. On the one hand, it covers a person from others, serving as a socially approved shield with the inscription "I'm fine!". On the other hand, it turns into a blank concrete wall between a person and the honesty towards oneself.
On this wall there could be an inscription "Everything is bad for me," but the impression hunter will never admit it to oneself. Maybe we should all slow down a bit. Try to distinguish the details, feel the coolness of the river waves, the touch of the wind on your lips and the smell of leaves.
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