Objects and events do not have color or sense by themselves, paints and meaning are defined by the viewer. Mowed flowers were gathered on the roadside of the motorways. Exposure shooting The flowers were lowered into water. Strobe lighting illuminated natural color shades of the dry plant Colored continuous light sources created a new shining hero’s image. Movement in water mirrors presence of life in the broken

  The Project is about reality perception through the prism of emotions and attitudes.

The main idea is that the objects and events do not have any color or sense on their own. The viewer gives them paints and meanings.

Mowed flowers were gathered on the sideroad of the motorways. Lightning bleached the shades of the dry, wilted herb.

With the colored lights, a new bright look of the hero was created. Easiness formed by in-water motion, unveils presence of the life beauty even in the broken.
Refreshed and appealing herbs make a metaphor of possibility to blossom after fall.

 It is an individual choice of each modern times character — whether to find live colors in the life challenges or to dive into the darkness of self-pity.    

Heroes. Mixed-media Artist Irina Sokolova

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