Tilda Publishing
Irina Sokolova
Photographer - light artist, collaagist
Tilda Publishing
Photographer - light artist, collagist
Irina Sokolova
Фотограф - светохудожник, коллажист
A photo project about love couples in a "codependent relationship", where the basis of attachment is childhood trauma, not tenderness, care or mutual respect.
"I can't live without him! She's driving me crazy! I can't think of anything but him/her!" , - it's a dream relationship, isn't it?
The search for "hero of the novel" takes years, and sometimes a lifetime. Have you noticed that most bright and passionate relationships end sadly?
The basis of pain is the nature of the relationship itself. What is often considered to be a "hot" love, is nothing more than a "codependent relationship" that arises from the attraction of similar childhood partners' traumas. In the process of creating a photo project, the printed photos, like heavy stones, were drowned. Through the water column, the distortion of the couple, that is on the emotional bottom and under the pressure of unresolved problems, is shown.
Bright colors focus on pain and toxicity. Translucency dissolves lovers in each other and blurs personal boundaries.
The author suggests discussing whether love is possible without passion and "struggle for love", but on the basis of respect, acceptance and self-sufficiency.
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