Tilda Publishing
Irina Sokolova
Photographer - light artist, collaagist
Tilda Publishing
Photographer - light artist, collagist
Irina Sokolova
Фотограф - светохудожник, коллажист
Nothing is needed for happiness
A photo story about the life of a modern person. About the falsity of "successful success", and about the possibility of being happy only through reconsideration of your priorities and conscious gratitude for the wealth you already have
In the city of P lived a man, an ordinary man, nothing remarkable.
He earned money to buy a car to drive to work, paid a mortgage for the apartment near the office, purchased jackets and shoes for a presentable look, entertained directors, ran marathons. In general, the Man had a socially approved life.
Everything seemed to be fine, but he felt sad and unhappy.
He didn't like his job, the directors seemed to be foolish, but it was the achieving success that beckoned him. Once he ran a marathon, headlong. He didn't understand why he was running. The Man ran just after a night party with colleagues. It was difficult for him to run, he had a feeling that he didn't need it `at all. But he knew perfectly well how to hide his feelings. He kept running.
He fell and couldn't get up.
While he was falling, he was horrified: "And that was it? And where is my successful tomorrow? Does it never come?".
The runner was rescued. But he's changed.
Thinking that he was dead, the person felt incredibly free from obligations, felt like flying and for the first time in a long time felt happy. He was a little upset when he realized that he was alive.
After a while, he realizes, that the life is a miracle. That is the limit of human happiness.
The Man quits his job and immerses hisself in the study of happiness, read a lot of books and the feeling of joy was growing every moment of life.
At times, he started doubting when somebody was offering him to return to work. Then the man hesitated and thought about taking a step back into the past, but deep in his soul, the little love for life helped him to continue the transformation.
One morning, he realized that nothing is needed for happiness, it just exists inside of everybody! It has always been there!
All he needed was just to believe that he's happy.
The feeling of unhappiness was imposed on him by the society in order to motivate him to work and buy things he didn't need.
Life is a gift, health is priceless and every person is unique and beautiful.

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