Tilda Publishing
Irina Sokolova
Photographer - light artist, collaagist
Tilda Publishing
Photographer - light artist, collagist
Irina Sokolova
Фотограф - светохудожник, коллажист
Experiencing the music
A photo experiment inspired by the synesthetics and body vibrations under the influence of music. The artist suggests thinking about the mental and physical sensations which everyone experiences while listening to different compositions.
"What effect does music have on a person?" - the artist depicts the answer to this question in this photo project.
The body is tuned under the influence of various music, namely, blood pressure, heart rate, rhythm and depth of breathing change. Moreover, some people, including Vasily Kandinsky, feel music as a form of lines, shapes and color spots. This perception of music is caused by such a phenomenon as synesthesia (a neurological phenomenon in which a person connects a signal from one sense organ with a signal from another).
Irina Sokolova, inspired by the works of Kandinsky, and scientific discoveries in the field of the impact of music on the body, shows a person's perception of two aspects of music: mentally, through synesthesia, by trying to feel the colors of each composition; and physically, by passing through a wave of sound and tuning in to the rhythm of the music — she draws with light. As a result, the artist receives a frame filled with sounding colors with waves of body vibrations, reproducing a person, living a particular composition.
The photographer invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of mental and physical music sensations, to live it, to realize our feelings and impulses from the composition, by comparing our perception with the image. And most importantly, the author invites everyone on a journey to their "self " and to a dialogue with it, encourages them to ask themselves questions:
Why do I listen to music?
What does it give me?
Where is it sending me to?
What do I feel from this or that composition?
And where is the rhythm of my body?
What is it like?
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